Duellers point logo transparent %281%29 Tuesday Star City Games Night: Modern
Join us on Tuesdays for our weekly SCG Game Nights! Format: Modern Entry Fee: $7 3 Wins: 4 Packs or 1 Modern Masters 2015 + SCG Promo Token 2 Wins: 2 Boosters + SCG Promo Token 1 Win and 0 Win: 1 Booster Accumulate points for win playmats and sleeves!...
En kld productheader Top 10 Edh Cards From Kaladesh
Top 10 EDH Cards from Kaladesh   By Dante Boey 22nd September 2016 Hail Duellers! Pre-release season is upon us and soon it will be time to visit the wondrous and technologically advanced world of Kaladesh. The full spoiler for Kaladesh is already up. If you haven't done so already,...
Duellers point logo transparent %281%29 Introducing The Duel Deck Singleton Format (Part Four)
Title: Introducing the Duel Deck Singleton Format (Part Four)   By Dante Boey   21st September 2016   In this segment we'll cover the Green and Red components of the newly introduced Duel Deck (DD) Singleton format.      Green   Green is the colour of nature and the savage...
Duellers point logo transparent Pptq Dublin: 2017 Details
We have made adjustments to our PPTQ payout; we are increasing the Payout! Play at least 1 fight at our pre-release to get $5 off PPTQ: Dublin! Pre-Register here: https://goo.gl/8ItY5B Prizes:  1st Place: 36 Kaladesh Boosters+ Invite to RPTQ 2nd Place: 18 Kaladesh Boosters 3rd and 4th: 12 Kaladesh Boosters 5th...
Kaladesh banner from cc Kaladesh Pre Release Details!
Invent your Tomorrow, We have our Pre-Release Details up!! Sign up for more pods for more bonuses! Pre-register using this link: https://goo.gl/E2Xivj      
Duellers point logo transparent %281%29 Introducing The Duel Deck Singleton Format (Part Three)
Introducing the Duel Deck Singleton Format (Part Three) By Dante Boey   14th September The time has come for us to go further in depth into the staples of our newly minted format, Duel Deck (DD) Singleton, this time by colour. We'll explore the strengths each colour possesses with regard...
Duellers point logo transparent Gpt Kl 2016!
Standard Season is coming to an end, so it's time to squeeze the last mileage of your deck! We present to you, GPT KL in Standard Format! Use your current standard deck to win yourself some Kaladesh Boosters!* *Players will have the option of deferring their prize packs for Kaladesh...
Small dot What Nissa Vs Ob Nixilis Offers Duel Deck Singleton
What Nissa vs Ob Nixilis Offers Duel Deck Singleton By Dante Boey 6th September 2016 Hail Duellers! Duel Decks: Nissa vs Ob Nixilis has just been officially released. For Standard players, the two featured Planeswalkers represent a bargain, considering they are played in top decks and are in foil. Shops...
Dueller's point logo %28very small%29 Fnm Duel Deck Singleton Deck Ideas
FNM Duel Deck Singleton -- Deck Ideas   By Dante Boey   31st August 2016   Hail Duellers!   To celebrate the release of Duel Decks: Nissa vs Ob Nixilis on 2nd September, Dueller's Point is organising her inaugural Duel Deck Singleton event that particular Friday night. Duel Deck Singleton...


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