16 Dec 2018

Guilds of Ravnica Standard Showdown Sundays!

Date: Every Sunday from 22nd July till 2nd Septmember
Time: 2pm
Format: Standard with 3 Rounds Swiss
Entry Fee: $7


3 Wins: 60 Points
2 Wins: 40 Points!
1 Win and 0 Win : 20 Points
*Points are used to exchange for prizes at the Dueller's Point Prize Wall!

Showdown Boosters Allocation (6 Per Week) given in the following Priority:

1. Undefeated Players for the Week
2. New Players to the Shop!
3. Players whom brought new players!
4. Rest will be given as lucky draw to those did not qualify for 1-3!




14 Dec 2018

Friday Night Magic: Standard/Modern

Time: 8 Pm
Entry Fees: $7
Format: Standard/Modern
3 Wins: 80 Points/4x Standard Booster + Current FNM Promo of your choice
2 Wins: 40 Points/2x Standard Booster + Current FNM Promo (Random)
1 Win/0 Win: 20 Points/1x Standard Booster 

Every Win gives you 3 points to trades for prizes at our prize wall! 
e.g if you win all 3 rounds, you will get 90 points for the event!
*Players get 1 point just for participating!


13 Dec 2018

Thursday Standard League! (December)

Time: 8 Pm
Entry Fees: $7
Format: Standard
3 Wins: 3 Standard/60 Points + 2 Random Promo*
2 Wins: 2 Standard Boosters/40 Points + 1 Random Promo
1 Win/0 Win: 1 Standard Booster/20 Points + 1 Random Promo
*Random Promos can be past FNM,Games Day, Buy a Box,Judge Foils ect...

Join us every Week to accumulate points for end of the month rewards!
Participation: 1 Point
Each Win: 3 Points

12 Dec 2018

Board Game Wednesdays!

  • Come down play some board games every Wednesday!

Get 15% off any board game after 10 sessions!


11 Dec 2018

Tuesday Modern League (December)

Weekly Tuesday Night Modern!

Every Tuesday, 8pm 
Entry Fees: $7

3 Wins: 4 Standard Boosters or 80 Points or 40 Points and $8 Store Credits
2 Wins: 2 Standard Boosters or 40 Points or 20 Points and $4 Store Credits
1 Win & 0 Win: 1 Standard Booster or 20 Points or $4 Store Credits
** Players will also be automatically enrolled into September's Modern League!
* Get points for playing! Every win gives you 3 points to exchange for prizes!


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