12 Dec 2017

Modern Tuesdays!

Entry Fees: $7
Format: Modern
Time: 8pm

3 Wins: 4 Boosters or 2 Boosters and $8 Store Credits
2 Wins: 2 Boosters or 1 Booster and $4 Store Credits
1 Win & 0 Win: 1 Booster 

Play at our weekly modern league to earn store credits
at the end of the month!

Every Win: 3 Points
Every Draw: 2 Points
Every Loss: 1 Point
Participation: 3 per week

League Prizes:

1st Place: $40 Store Credits
2nd Place: $30 Store Credits
3rd and 4th: $20 Store Credits
5th to 8th: $8 Store Credits
9th to 16th: $4 Store Credits

08 Dec 2017

Friday Night Magic: Legacy

Every Friday, 8:30 pm
Format: Legacy
Entry Fees: $7 (Includes a drink!)
3 Wins: $12 Store Credit + FNM Foil 
2 Wins: $8 Store Credit
1 Win: $4 Store Credit
Random Foil for Lucky Draw winner for each mutilples of 8 players

08 Dec 2017

Friday Night Magic: Standard

Every Friday, 8pm
Format: Standard
Entry Fees: $7 (Includes a drink!)
3 Wins: 4 Standard Boosters + FNM Promo
2 Wins: 2 Standard Boosters
1 Win/0 Win: 1 Standard Booster
*Players can change half their prizes (rounded up) for $4 store credit each!

Lucky Draw for Fatal push for non 3-0 winners for every 8 players!

08 Dec 2017

Unstable Draft Weekend!

Unstable Draft Weekend!!

Entry Fees: $16 Dollars
Date: 8th to 10th of December
Format: 3 Round Swiss or Free for All!!!


Swiss Rounds:
3 Wins: 3 Unstable or 3 Standard Boosters
2 Wins: 2 Unstable or 2 Standard Boosters
1 Win/0 Win: 1 Unstable or 1 Standard Booster

For Free for All: 1 Pack Per kill!

Earl of Squirrel Promo card will be given out to each participants!*
*One per customer, while stocks last!
** Squirrels not included, each sold seperately.Batteries not included.
*** Nope, we don't actually sell squirrels.


07 Dec 2017

Random Promo Standard Thursday!

Every Thursday
Time: 8 Pm
Entry Fees: $7 (Drinks Included upon Entry!)
Format: Standard
3 Wins: 3 Standard + 2 Random Promo*
2 Wins: 2 Standard Boosters + 1 Random Promo
1 Win/0 Win: 1 Standard Booster + 1 Random Promo
*Random Promos can be past FNM,Games Day, Buy a Box,Judge Foils ect...


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