28 Jun 2019

Friday Night Magic: Standard/Modern

Time: 8 Pm
Entry Fees: $7
Format: Standard/Modern
3 Wins: 80 Points/4x Standard Booster + Current FNM Promo of your choice
2 Wins: 40 Points/2x Standard Booster + Current FNM Promo (Random)
1 Win/0 Win: 20 Points/1x Standard Booster 

Every Win gives you 3 points to trades for prizes at our prize wall! 
e.g if you win all 3 rounds, you will get 90 points for the event!
*Players get 1 point just for participating!


27 Jun 2019

Thursday Standard League! (June)

Time: 8 Pm
Entry Fees: $7
Format: Standard
3 Wins: 3 Standard/60 Points + 2 Random Promo*
2 Wins: 2 Standard Boosters/40 Points + 1 Random Promo
1 Win/0 Win: 1 Standard Booster/20 Points + 1 Random Promo
*Random Promos can be past FNM,Games Day, Buy a Box,Judge Foils ect...

Join us every Week to accumulate points for end of the month rewards!
Participation: 1 Point
Each Win: 3 Points

26 Jun 2019

Board Game Wednesdays!

  • Come down play some board games every Wednesday!

Get 15% off any board game after 10 sessions!


25 Jun 2019

Tuesday Modern League (June)

Weekly Tuesday Night Modern!

Every Tuesday, 8pm 
Entry Fees: $7

3 Wins: 4 Standard Boosters or 80 Points or 40 Points and $8 Store Credits
2 Wins: 2 Standard Boosters or 40 Points or 20 Points and $4 Store Credits
1 Win & 0 Win: 1 Standard Booster or 20 Points or $4 Store Credits
** Players will also be automatically enrolled into June's Modern League!
* Get points for playing! Every win gives you 3 points to exchange for prizes!


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