Team blue car key Team Unified Modern Deck Lists
Decklist for Team Unified Modern Champions: Team Blue Car Key Member: Liam Fisher Affinity Creatures 2 Memnite 4 Onithopter 4 Bomat Courier 4 Signal Pest 4 Arcbound Ravager 4 Steel Overseer Artifacts 2 Master of Etherium 4 Mox Opal 4 Springleaf Drum 4 Cranial Plating 4 Thoughtcast Land 1 Island...
Dueller's point logo Unbeaten Decks In Week 25 2017
Standard  Temur Energy by Warren Shaun Nicholas FNM (Standard on 23rd June 2017) Creatures (22)     4    Longtusk Cub 4    Servant of the Conduit 4    Rogue Refiner 2    Tireless Tracker 3    Whirler Virtuoso 2    Bristling Hydra 3    Glorybringer Planeswalkers (2)     2    Chandra, Torch of Defiance Spells (15)     4  ...
Duellers point logo transparent %281%29 Tuesday Star City Games Night: Modern
Join us on Tuesdays for our weekly SCG Game Nights! Format: Modern Entry Fee: $7 3 Wins: 4 Packs or 1 Modern Masters 2015 + SCG Promo Token 2 Wins: 2 Boosters + SCG Promo Token 1 Win and 0 Win: 1 Booster Accumulate points for win playmats and sleeves!...
Wmcq 2015 no2 top 8 Wmcq #2 2015 Top 8 Decklist
9th Time lucky, Jeffery Chan finally clinches the coveted third spot to represent Singapore in the World Magic Cup in Barcelona, Spain, on December 11–13!   Jeffery Chan- 1st Place - Grixis Delver 1 Darkslick Shores 1 Blood Crypt 2 Bloodstained Mire 2 Island 1 Mountain 3 Polluted Delta 4 Scalding Tarn 2 Steam Vents 1 Sulfur Falls 1 Swamp 1 Watery...


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