Dueller's point logo April 2016 In Review!
April 2016 in Review! New Arrivals: Board Games   Star wars: Rebellion Do you wish to relive the action of Star wars in episode IV-VI? Threaten who planetary systems with the construction of the Death Star, or try to sabotage and destroy it instead? Think you can do a better...
Dp new logo February 2016 In Review
February 2016 in review!   Boardgames   Zombicide   Zombies!!Who doesn't love them!! Zombicide is a cooperative boardgame where the players are survivors of a zombie attacks and they have to try to survive together using teamwork and special skills! This game contains ten scenarios to ensure that you will...
Dueller's point logo Dueller’s Point In Review: January 2016
Dueller’s Point January 2016 in Review! It’s the end of another month and it’s time to join us as we find out what are the happenings at Dueller’s Point in January!! We have new games, LCGs have finally moving again after a long rest and in Magic the Gathering news,...
Dueller's point logo Dueller’s Point In Review: December Part 2
New Products: Board Games   Blood Rage   This is a boardgame about Vikings and the coming of Ragnarok. Each player will control their clan's warriors, leaders and ships. Beautiful Miniatures, area control and drafting elements are found in this giant of a game. Suitable for: Miniature lovers, if you...
Dueller's point logo Dueller’s Point In Review: December Part 1
New Products: Boardgames   Warhammer Quest     A card game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe that gives a dungeon crawling experience. Suitable for 1 - 4 players. Excellent production quality as expected from FFG. Each player controls a hero and goes through a series of quests in a...


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